AHRI is always looking for talented and motivated staff to join our multidisciplinary team. We offer a highly diverse, professional and supportive environment with opportunities for development and growth.

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AHRI is a values-driven organisation. Our values are core to achieving a highly diverse, professional, and supportive environment with opportunities for development and growth.

Each person is a valued contributor to our combined success. Each person is nurtured by others in the organisation. Our scientific excellence is connected to our community.

We exist within a society steeped in racial, colonial, economic, xenophobic, gender, sexual, religious, and other oppression. Our commitment is to equity and redress. We embrace our diversity of people, ideas, and science. AHRI drives transformative science.

We build leaders in all areas of our work. Leaders exemplify our values. Leaders influence and maximise the efforts of others to achieve our goals, with excellence. AHRI is a trusted science leader.

We confidently pursue the highest quality in all our activities. Our science is impactful, informs policy and practice, and contributes to global advances in health. Our discoveries aim to improve the quality of life in our communities.

To pursue excellence and impact, we address critical questions with novel, ambitious, and ground-breaking science. Innovation extends beyond our science into all our activities.

We build productive and sustainable partnerships for innovation and impact. The mutually beneficial local and international partnerships involve communities, transdisciplinary academics, funders, government, and policy stakeholders.

All AHRI employees should see themselves as advocates for AHRI’s vision, mission, and values.

Why work at AHRI?

At AHRI we provide competitive employee benefits, encourage continuing professional development, and have open and honest two-way communication with our staff.

AHRI employee benefits include:

  • Medical aid
  • Retirement fund
  • Death, disability and funeral cover
  • Long-service awards
  • Leave
  • Bursaries

At AHRI we encourage continuing professional development (CPD), and have a strong focus on management development.

AHRI offers a wide range of career opportunities within various disciplines. These include nursing (research), clinical research, basic science research, immunology, pharmacology, biorepository, social science and epidemiology research, statistics, data management and analysis, information technology and security, human resources, finance and administration, procurement, technical and maintenance, operations, communications, and community engagement.

About AHRI as an employer
AHRI is a values-driven organisation. As an employer we are committed to staff engagement and development. Our culture is one of high performance and partnership.

AHRI’s remuneration and benefit offerings are benchmarked against industry standards. Management development programmes are offered to encourage innovation, critical thinking, proactiveness, continuous development and life-long learning.

Recruitment process
Candidates should familiarise themselves with our recruitment process to know what to expect. Our recruitment process typically follows these steps:

  • Complete the online application form or, only if requested in a specific advert, forward your CV to the indicated email address
  • Should your application match our criteria, you may be shortlisted and invited for an interview and assessment
  • Our selection process includes employee risk assessments for shortlisted candidates
  • Should your application be successful, our human resources department will provide you with a formal letter of offer and will contact you with information to facilitate your on-boarding process.


Important information before you apply to join AHRI

South African visas
If you are not from South Africa and are interested in collaborating, studying or working at AHRI you need to go here to find out more about the different types of visas that you can apply for. You may also need to visit the South African Embassy in your country as they may require more or different information.

Qualification evaluation for students and postdocs
If you are not from South Africa and wish to apply for a masters, PhD or postdoctoral fellowship at AHRI you will need to get your foreign qualification evaluated with the South African Qualification Authority. Read more about this process here.

Medical aid for students
All international students who wish to be registered at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) need to be a member of Momentum Medical Aid, which is student focussed. Get more information on this here.

We are here to help!
AHRI’s human resources department is available to assist you with any recruitment-related questions. If your question can’t be answered above, please contact (staff positions) or (for masters, PhD and postdoc enquiries).