Ingrid Bassett

Ingrid Bassett

Dr Ingrid Bassett is an infectious disease physician and clinical investigator with a focus on developing and evaluating innovative strategies for improving engagement in HIV and TB care and prevention in South Africa. Using a variety of methods, including observational cohort studies, randomised trials, mixed methods, and implementation science, she has been collaborating with South African researchers and clinicians since 2004. Ingrid received the HIV Medicine Association Research Award, given annually to one researcher in the US for excellence in HIV-related research.

Ingrid is dedicated to mentoring and increasing capacity for performing research. She has formally mentored >15 investigators. She serves as a faculty advisor for the AHRI education and training programme, providing feedback and offering training for early-stage investigators. She served as the director of the developmental and mentoring core for the Harvard Center for Aids Research for seven years and helped dozens of early-stage investigators with grant writing in that role. She hosts an annual ‘How to write a K award’ workshop that has >100 participants annually participating from the US and from sub-Saharan Africa. She has been recognised by Harvard Medical School with a Young Mentoring Award.

Ingrid’s current work includes:

  1. Enrolling a longitudinal cohort and using an implementation science framework to evaluate the South African Central Chronic Medicine Dispensing and Distribution Program in Umlazi.
  2. Piloting a community-based intervention for promoting uptake of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and other sexual health services in Durban.
  3. Leading a multi-site observational cohort in Boston, USA assessing the incidence and factors associated with post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 or “long Covid”.

Her overarching goals at AHRI are:

  1. To provide mentorship to early stage investigators in research methods, including grant writing.
  2. To implement and evaluate health care delivery models for TB, HIV, and other STIs across disciplines and settings in South Africa.

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Selected Recent Publications

Jarolimova J, Yan J, Govere S, Ngobese N, Shazi ZM, Khumalo AR, Bunda BA, Wara NJ, Zionts D, Thulare H, Parker RA, Bogart LM, Bassett IV. (2021). Medical Mistrust and stigma associated with Covid-19 among people living with HIV in South Africa. AIDS and Behav.

Bassett IV, Govere S, Milham L, Frank SC, Dladla N, Thulare H, Psaros C. (2019). Contraception, HIV services, and PrEP in South African hair salons: a qualitative study of owner, stylist, and client perspectives. J Community Health.

Bassett IV, Huang M, Cloete C, Candy S, Giddy J, Frank S, Freedberg KA, Losina E, Walensky RP, Parker RA (2019). Using National Laboratory Data to Assess Cumulative Frequency of Linkage after Transfer to Community-Based HIV Clinics in South Africa. J Int AIDS Soc.

Bassett IV, Forman LS, Govere S, Thulare H, Frank SC, Mhlongo B, Losina E (2019). Test and Treat TB: a pilot trial of GeneXpert MTB/RIF screening on a mobile HIV testing unit in South Africa. BMC Infect Dis.

Bassett IV, Coleman SM, Giddy J, Bogart LM, Chaisson CE, Ross D, Jacobsen MM, Robine M, Govender T, Freedberg KA, Katz JN, Walensky RP, Losina EL (2016). Sizanani: A randomized trial of health system navigators to improve linkage to HIV and TB care in South Africa. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr.