Public & Community


AHRI’s public and community engagement model encourages people to be active partners in the development of a research agenda that is meaningful and directly relevant to their lives.

AHRI Public Engagement Hero

The AHRI Somkhele Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a vital component of this, and acts as a ‘bridge’ to our research communities.

The CAB partners with AHRI’s Public Engagement Department to address our research community on our studies. It has an ongoing, open dialogue with the community, allowing people to express any questions or concerns regarding the Institute’s research. The CAB contributes to the ethical and scientific quality, relevance and acceptability of proposed research in several ways, including:

  • Educating the research teams on cultural, traditional, community norms and protocol that may impact on research – for example community entry, recruitment, informed consent and other processes.
  • Informing the community on the phases of the research, as well as ethical rights of the participants.
  • Advising the research team on important issues such as potential risks and burdens for participants or host communities that may be hidden from researchers – and how to minimise them.
  • Contributing to discussions on the research agenda to safeguard a community voice in the research process.
  • Assisting in ensuring that the research conduct complies with human rights and ethical standards.

A new CAB was officially elected in October 2016, and will serve for three years. Each election is followed by an induction programme where members get trained and orientated on AHRI’s research activities.